Savannah National Wildlife Refuge a Must-See


The city of Savannah, GA is known for it’s haunted city tours, extravagant nightlife, and ubiquitous seafood restaurants, but no visit to this Coastal Georgia city would be complete without a quick drive through the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

Located just outside the city on the border with South Carolina, the Savannah NWR is a 29,000 acre wildlife preserve spotlighting the diverse flora and fauna of the Coastal Empire.

Entering the Refuge from the East, visitors can embark on a 4 mile drive through the park on a winding gravel road that showcases the aquatic ecosystem of the region. All manner of aquatic birds are on display, from ducks and cormorants to seagulls and pelicans. As visitors drive down the paths, turtles can be seen popping up and down in the marsh. There are numerous opportunities to get out and walk along miles of trails that skirt the canals and impoundments that divide the park, and get as close to nature as you desire.

And of course, there are the alligators. Floating serenely though the ponds, basking on the shore, or even hunting the many birds on the water, alligators are the main attraction of the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. On a warm and sunny day, it is not uncommon to see up to 50 alligators of various sizes on the 4 mile drive. Visitors are asked not to feed or harass the alligators, but simply enjoy seeing the ancient and majestic reptiles in the unbound habitat that they’ve lived in for millenia.

Best of all, this one of a kind nature experience is completely free! The Savannah NWR is open 7 days a week, year-round from sunrise to sunset. The Visitor’s Center, on the west end of the park, is open from 9-4:30 Monday through Saturday, and it features knowledgeable staff, restrooms, and displays highlighting the many wildlife opportunities the Refuge has to offer.

So when you make plans to visit the Coastal Empire, and you definitely should come enjoy the unique and diverse history of this region, be sure to budget a few hours to explore the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and observe the glory of nature in it’s purest form.