Climate Crowd Can’t Cope


Green campaigners are losing the debate on global warming. Alarmists have lost the lure of climate catastrophe. With increasing desperation, they seek to draw public attention back to global warming and its supposedly dire effects, despite that predictions are overstated or just plain false.

More pressing public matters exist, such as exponentially rising national debt, the stagnant economy, the lack of jobs, opportunity, and innovation in America, and the flight of progress and prosperity from a once great nation forever. If these are the public’s worst worries, why do alarmists worry about climate so much?

Answer: Alarmists are invested in catastrophe. Academic livelihoods depend on it. Reputations rely on it. Governments collect billions of tax dollars on it, supporting a network of subservient scientific societies to promote the hoax.

In the meantime, radicalized conservation associations push climate change instead of solving real environmental problems. Crony capitalists get rich on it by feeding at the public trough, peddling products like windmills and solar panels that could never survive in the marketplace without taxpayer money. Yes, climate ideology is a profitable business for special interests, lining particular pockets at the expense of everyone else.

Yet with all this power and money at their disposal, the alarmists are losing the battle for public attention. Opinion among scientists is turning against the alarmist doctrine too. People worry less about global warming than ever before with air pollution and nuclear power emerging as the most pressing problems, not climate. Why is this?

Word is getting around that warming has stopped, despite mainstream media efforts to suppress the facts. No global warming has occurred for nearly 20 years. Global temperature has flatlined despite that hot places and cold places exist all the time. Sorry to poke holes in ignorant populist beliefs, but Mother Nature attends to neither alarmist agendas nor catastrophe claimers who chugged the climate Kool Aid.

The climate agenda costs dearly at a time when the world suffers economic stagnation and recession. Funds that flow freely to save the environment from unrealized temperature rise ought to flow toward saving jobs, business, and trade. Public sentiment has turned toward saving itself instead of spending on disaster that never comes.

No longer able to cope with the rejection, global warming activists are now claiming that anyone who disagrees with them must be a racist or mentally ill. Pathologising dissent rings of Orwellian reality and a misanthropic regime of radical environmentalists. Every storm, dry spell, and molecule of ice melt — even the cold — is now blamed on global warming. Such nonsense is propagated by mainstream media with no sense of investigative journalism and an alarmist clique that has lost its senses and can no longer cope.