Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Family Camping


In this time of economic recession, many Texas families are looking for low cost vacations and inexpensive ways to relax and forget, at least for a time, about money problems.

One great suggestion is the Texas Outdoor Family workshop camping adventure sponsored by Texas Parks and Wildlife. For only $55, a family of six can sign up for these overnight, 2 day trips held in state parks all over the state of Texas operating from late February through mid July.

Families are taught fun and valuable outdoor skills by a group of outdoor specialists and trained volunteers through hands on experience. Learning together how to set up and break down camp, start a campfire, how to use a GPS, and how to cook outdoors will create happy memories. Campers also get help and advice in nature watching and kayaking.

Families do not even have to own their own camping gear for these overnight trips as a six person tent, lantern, tableware, air mattresses, camping stove with cookware, and a coffee maker are all furnished. The only thing not furnished is food and campers are encouraged to take their own picnic fare or groceries to cook outdoors or plan to dine at a restaurant off site.

Pets are not allowed but children of all ages can take part in these workshops although TPW reminds that children under the age of 5 need maximum supervision in the outdoor setting.

Campers are provided with a list of personal items to take, such as sturdy shoes, swimwear, charcoal, insect repellant, and linens. Of course they can also take things like bicycles, binoculars, and folding chairs but these are optional. Some of the state parks have bicycle rental available and most have hot showers and toilets available.

There’s just something about nature that relaxes and refreshes the soul. Children find magic in exploring for different kinds of rocks and leaves. Kids love visiting and learning about the birds, deer, squirrels, and other wildlife in their natural environment. The whole family will love cooking over an open fire. The smell of smoke curling from a campfire and the taste of hot dogs roasted over charcoal is a memory not easily rivaled.

After an exciting day of learning and exploring, kids will love sleeping outdoors. Fresh air and the sound of crickets and hoot owls lull campers to sleep, and depending on which state park campers choose, waves from a lake may lap the banks with soothing splashes.

Keeping expenses down without compromising family fun is important. Visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website to find the Family Outdoor workshop nearest you and consider signing up.